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Embracing Legacy, Elevating Professionalism

At BDg Legacy Management, we bring a fresh perspective to what we do. We deliver innovative solutions while blending the timeless essence of legacy with the highest standards of professionalism.

Property Management

Entrust your property to our capable hands. With over two decades of experience, our property management services guarantee safeguarding your investment and the fulfillment of tenant needs.

Why BDg Legacy Management

An innovative, efficient, and professional approach to property management.

These four components and our commitment to exceptional customer service make our property management services an enticing option for prospective owners seeking reliable and efficient management of their properties.

Our Areas of Concentration:

  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Multi-unit Residential Properties
  • Single Family Properties

Effective Tenant Acquisition

We employ strategic marketing techniques and tenant acquisition strategies to minimize vacancies and maximize rental income.

Robust Tenant Screening

Our property management services prioritize thorough tenant screening processes to ensure that only reliable and responsible individuals occupy your property.

Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Our proactive approach to maintenance and repairs includes regular inspections, prompt responses to repair requests, and preventive measures to address potential issues before they escalate.

Transparent Financial Management

As property owners, you want complete visibility and control over your finances. Our property management services provide transparent financial management.

Efficiently Managed Properties for Lasting Peace of Mind

We understand that managing properties can be complex and time-consuming, so we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our team is here to take the burden off your shoulders. From tenant screening and lease agreements to rent collection and maintenance, we handle every aspect of property management with utmost care and attention to detail.

With our efficient management approach, you can expect timely rent payments, proactive maintenance, and effective tenant communication. We prioritize open and transparent communication to keep you informed about the status of your property and ensure your investment is well taken care of.

Trust us to handle the day-to-day operations and discover the peace of mind that comes with professional property management.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Founded by Dwight Gunn as a tribute to his late mother, our company is built on preserving and cherishing the values she held dear. Throughout his 20 years of property management experience, Dwight Gunn has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence, resulting in high occupancy rates and satisfied tenants. His vision is to continue providing housing that embodies efficiency, professionalism, and unwavering integrity.

With every property we manage and every real estate development we undertake, we strive to create spaces that not only meet the highest standards but also evoke a sense of legacy and pride. Our commitment to honoring the past while embracing the future drives us to continually deliver exceptional services that reflect our values and the legacy we aim to preserve.

Photo of Dwight Gunn